Mrs Felton’s Liberty Marvel Shower Adaption, Cefn Y Bedd

This corner bath was no longer used as it once was. The time had come to remove it and replace it with something much more accessible. We have installed the Liberty Marvel complete with its half height screens which open completely. We have also added an anti-slip flooring to the room for added security under foot. Great job!

Mr & Mrs Jones’ Liberty Essence, Connahs Quay


Our Liberty Essence fits in here seamlessly! It looks like it has always been there! The former bath wasn’t accessible anymore so had to be changed. Along with an upgraded shower with a rainfall shower head, this bathroom completely ticks the modern and clean, straight line look which is just awesome! Great result!

Mr & Mrs Jones’ Liberty Essence, Buckley

Another perfect example of a 1 Day installation with this Liberty Essence from the Liberty Shower range. The bath was the only element in this room which required changing. The flooring, tiles and other sanitary-ware have years left in them! The bath came out in the morning & the Liberty shower replaced it in the afternoon and the job was done!

Mrs Disbury’s Liberty Supreme Installation, Little Sutton

Our customer’s existing shower cubicle was no longer suitable. The bath was also not really an accessible option. So she decided her best option was to remove the bath and replace it with the Liberty Supreme shower instead. Her old shower cubicle was also uninstalled as it was no longer required. The final result is a brilliant use of the space as the Supreme fits perfectly in the alcove! The extra wide opening doors provide full accessibility to the shower seat enabling her to use the shower safely and completely independently!


Mr Knight’s Liberty Essence Bathroom Adaption, Ellesmere


The ever popular Liberty Essence Shower Solution now stands proudly in this bathroom in Ellesmere. Our customer could no longer feasibly contend with the standard bath going forward. He decided the Liberty Shower range would tick all the boxes he needed to think about. Now, he can sit safely and securely to shower. The seat is easily accessible through the extra wide opening screen doors. Everything is within easy reach & best of all, it disturbed nothing else.  It was also installed in Just 1 Day!!

Mrs Large’s Liberty Essence Bathroom Adaption, Abergele

This lovely bathroom just needed one last element to make it absolutely perfect! The bath was therefore changed for the wonderful Liberty Essence Shower in exactly the same spot. Access in & out of the shower is now so safe & easy. All the tiling has been left completely undisturbed meaning this was achieved in Just 1 Day!