Mr Robert’s Liberty Essence Shower Bathroom Adaption

Mr Roberts’ green suite had served its time! All of it came out and was replaced with the Liberty Essence Shower, raised height toilet and new sink & pedestal. There’s still the hint of green in his wall tiles which were in great condition so it’s a brilliant compromise between an accessible shower with a hint of colour still. He’s more than happy with the final result!


Mr & Mrs Boland’s Low Level Liberty Shower

Mr & Mrs Boland’s priority was access into a safe showering environment. They had found our details through our membership with the British Healthcare Trades Association ( BHTA) and came along to look for themselves. They found their perfect match and we installed it last week! Great job!

Mrs Evans’ Liberty Deluxe Shower, Holywell

Mrs Evans saw our advert in the Daily Post and phoned us to organise a free home visit. She decided on the Liberty Deluxe Shower and as everything else was in excellent condition, nothing else needed changing. This meant the bath was removed and replaced with the Liberty Shower in Just 1 Day! She is delighted with the outcome!

Mr & Mrs Hornby’s Liberty Deluxe Bathroom Adaption

This is a brilliant result for Mr & Mrs Hornby! They needed to address the bath becoming more of an obstacle and needed something else in place to give them both reassurance to shower safely. They popped along to see the options in the Showroom & decided the Liberty Deluxe would work nicely. We installed it last week in Just 1 Day! The final result is just what they needed and they’re very pleased 😀

Mr & Mrs Tudor’s Liberty Deluxe Adaption

Mr & Mrs Tudor were finding the shower over the bath was getting trickier to access. Neither of them actually ever used the bath. They found our advert in Inside Flintshire magazine & contacted us to see whether a Liberty Shower might work for them. Our Free Home Visit confirmed they could go ahead and pick the Liberty Shower of their choice. The Liberty Deluxe was chosen from the range & was installed this week in  JUST 1 DAY! Nothing else needed to move or be replaced and so costs and work time were kept down to the absolute minimum. Great job!




Mr Morgan’s Liberty Supreme Bathroom Adaption

Mr Morgan came to us to after seeing our advert in the Daily Post. He had been considering changes for a while & finally decided to bite the bullet! He simply needed his bath out and a shower in. The Liberty Supreme ticked his boxes with its anti-slip base for safety, built in seat for security and extra wide opening shower screens for accessibility. The built in end shelf also provides very handy storage for his showering essentials! He is very pleased with the final result!

Mrs W Liberty Essence Bathroom Adaption

A brilliant Before & After! The bath just wasn’t quite enough for Mrs W to feel confident while bathing. So along with her family, they came in to us to find a better long term solution. The Liberty Essence was their mutual choice and on Monday this week, we installed it in Just 1 Day! The customer and her family are very happy with the final result!

Mrs C’s Liberty Deluxe Bathroom Adaption, Mold

Our client, Mrs C, had purchased her new property back in February & although the bathroom seemed recently updated and in good condition, the P-shaped bath and screen was not easy enough for her to use. She looked into her options as soon as she got hold of the keys and popped in to see us! Because everything else seemed so new they were fine to stay. This allowed her to concentrate purely on changing the bath. The Liberty Deluxe Shower was chosen and we went on to install it in Just 1 Day! It fits in perfectly & she is now looking forward to using it for the first time!

Mrs E’s Liberty Deluxe Bathroom Adaption, Connahs Quay

This is a wonderful result for our customer Mrs E in Connahs Quay. She had decided that the bath was just not going to be the safest option anymore. She found our advert in the Inside Flintshire magazine and gave us a call!
We removed the old bath and sanitary ware and have now installed a fabulous Liberty Deluxe Shower complete with modern basin and a raised toilet. Because she suffers with her eyesight, we suggested the option of a blue seat and blue grab rails in order to highlight the key areas she would need to be aware of to shower safely. Now she can happily shower safely & independently once more. She’s more than impressed with the result!

Mrs G’s Liberty Essence, Buckley

All change here! Our client came to us to update their bathroom enabling easier access overall.
We have changed the bath for a Liberty Deluxe shower and the coloured suite for fresh white sanitaryware. On the floor, we have installed an anti-slip flooring for added underfoot safety. The floor colour complements the existing tiles nicely as these were perfectly fine to stay as they are. A great job achieved in a short amount of time!
No Tiling, No Mess, No Fuss!