Transforming Mrs Jones’ Bathroom!

Mrs Jones had been considering what options might make things easier in the bathroom. She happened to pick up her latest copy of the Daily Post and found us with the Liberty shower range right there in front of her! Within the space of just a few weeks, we had measured up her bathroom by way of our free home survey and gone on to install it! Now she has a brilliant and accessible shower. She has a neater, good sized basin with pedestal completed with a raised toilet. All in all very straightforward not to mention very quick. Everything remains fresh and bright in the lovely space!

Adapting Miss Williams’ bathroom!


This lovely large bathroom has been re-thought out by our customer who has been planning for the future! She came to the conclusion that the standard style bath with electric shower over was not something that she would always be able to continue using forever. We organised a free home visit to view the options available and together planned to install the Liberty Original. The toilet and basin have remained in their original location albeit they are brand new! The flooring and walls have also remained the same! Overall minimal time and costs to achieve this!

Before & After! Liberty Deluxe Transformation for Mr Davey

A before and after portfolio! Our client spent has spent a long while deliberating on the best options available for his bathroom. Circumstances on a medical basis had changed in recent years meaning a standard bath was not a great deal of good going forward. He had concerns regarding the two rows of tiles and access overall. We discussed the options that Freedom Showers could offer him and he was happy to find the Liberty Deluxe option would work perfectly. It of course, gives the access he needs in and out but it doesn’t change anything else in the bathroom which is all in perfectly good condition. It was also fitted in just ONE DAY! The two rows of tiles haven’t had any negative impact. They have actually remained as has the wallpaper. Now though, he has a more complete shower cubicle with the shower boarding option and the absolute minimal upheaval!

Mrs Cliffe’s Liberty Prime Care Shower

We finished the week with one of our care showers being installed for our client’s in Chester. The old shower cubicle was no longer sufficient to carry on using. Our client’s decided they needed a bigger space with secure seating to make sure they were safe. We chose to maximise the space along the wall by relocating the basin. The half height, bi-fold doors allow easy access for the user while at the same time ensuring a carer can assist if necessary. The shower controls and grab rails are both within easy reach! Everything else has been able to stay exactly as it is.  This minimises the amount of work and costs required to achieve this wonderful and practical transformation!

Mr & Mrs Beedle’s Liberty Essence Transformation!

Our customer’s in Flint were keen to move away from their awkward to access standard bath. Gaining entry between the end of the shower screen and the vanity unit and basin was awkward.  They weren’t keen to carry on doing this as they were getting older. They chose the ever popular Liberty Essence. This allows full access to actually sit down and slide in via the seat using the extra wide opening screens. The shower controls are at hand to control the water flow and temperature. The entry point into the shower is a good distance away from the vanity unit. A grab rail helps is they decide they could do with something to hold on to, to steady themselves between standing and sitting. All installed in just one day!


Mrs Lawson’s Liberty Deluxe Adaption!

So we have just completed this job for our customer locally. She was very reluctant to change from her bath at all, but decided she would be better off with something that is easier to access. She decided to have the Liberty Deluxe with our unique L-shaped shower board. We decommissioned her electric shower and introduced a thermostatic controlled shower. We also switched the sink around from behind the door to under the window. All in all, a great changeover!

Mr & Mrs Gunther’s Brand New Liberty Supreme!

This transformation is quite literally lighting up the bathroom!
It was time for the standard bath to leave as it was becoming more difficult to use. Our customer’s were keen to safeguard themselves within the bathroom by introducing a new shower which would let them shower safely in the upcoming years moreso than a bath could offer.
They were already fans of fitted furniture as it has always provided them with valuable storage space. They weren’t keen to lose any of that so had it all replaced instead in keeping with the newness of the shower!
Their bathroom is now very glossy, shiny white with complementing pale grey on the units but the real showstopper has to be the display lights underneath the units! These really add a modern & stylish finish to this bathroom! We love it!

Walk-in Bath Transformation!

So the recent sneaky taster takes us to this recently completed Walk-in Bath installation. The previous walk in shower wasn’t suitable for either mobility needs or family life. So we were tasked with finding the solution! We did so with this fabulous Walk-in Bath. It comes complete with chromotherapy and hydrotherapy. Previous access was made into the bathroom and toilet via two separate doors into both rooms. We combined the two by removing the wall in-between, really opening up the space. The wall was rebuilt as we had blocked off one of the doors. We went on to tile all the walls and floor in a gorgeous grey marble style with grey slate effect tiles on the floor. A sparkling stylish new wall mounted vanity sink unit, toilet and chrome towel radiator complete the accessories. The final part of the puzzle was the bath itself! The modern glass door allows for easy access now. The twin plugs ensure the water drains away even quicker. But the special elements above all else has to be the hydrotherapy jets as well as the chromotherapy lights. These work together to create a perfectly relaxing and welcoming bath for all of them to use.



Liberty Essence adaption, Mr & Mrs Lowens

Our clients have literally just moved in this week and so had us over immediately to sort out their new bathroom in their new forever home! They had decided that a standard bath would not be an ideal solution. So they approached us during their buying and selling process to see how we might be able to help! We were able to view the bathroom before completion to carry out our survey with kind access from the estate agent. In turn, this allowed us to have a unit ready to fit the day after they moved in! They were happy with everything else already in the bathroom so we were able to achieve this in just one day! Mr Lowens popped in the day after installation after using the shower for the first time. He said they are more than happy with their choice!