Mr David Williams Liberty Essence, Rhos on Sea.


This is another brilliant example of what can be achieved during a typical One Day Installation! The old bath, which was no longer viable, was taken out and replaced with the hugely accessible & practical Essence shower from the Liberty Shower Range. The tiles didn’t go all the way down the bottom of the wall….but it makes no difference to us! We install our Showers usually in the exact same position as the bath used to sit in. Therefore your tiling and flooring can remain the same if you wish! In this exact case, those remained as they were along with the basin and toilet which are perfectly fine! Good job done!

Mr & Mrs Edwards’ Liberty Deluxe, Flint.

Now this one has made a real difference! All the sanitary ware and old bath came out and have been replaced with stunning yet very practical new versions! The customer’s were thinking about their long term stay in the house and how to make it easier for them while being as safe as possible too. They chose well! The Deluxe model from the Liberty Shower Range along with a neat and tidy vanity unit & basin plus a raised toilet for ease. We changed the flooring to a safety embossed flooring in a gorgeous grey colour- very on trend! Now the shower is a sit down on the seat and slide in option rather than the difficult clambering over the bath option! This looks amazing!


Mr & Mrs Roberts Low Level Liberty Deluxe Adaption, Ruthin

This fabulous bathroom has been transformed to accommodate a brilliant new Liberty Deluxe for our customers in Ruthin. They needed something a little easier to access to future proof their bathroom. They chose one of the most popular options- the Liberty Deluxe- to complete their bathroom. It has had a really positive impact on the overall space making it all much more practical for them both to use.
They chose to change their tiles both on the floor and the walls while they were in the bathroom development frame of mind!
In the separate toilet, both the toilet and floor have both been changed and we freshened it all up with new tiles.
Overall, the end result has finished really well and the customers are over the moon!