Mr & Mrs Jones’ Liberty Essence Adaption, Chester

Mr & Mrs Jones needed an accessible alternative to their bath to eliminate their daily struggle in & out of the tub. Although they live on the outskirts of Chester, Mrs Jones comes originally from North Wales & still buys her daily copy of the Daily Post newspaper which is where she found our advert! She phoned up to book her survey and we discovered during our visit that a Liberty Essence would work well in her bathroom along with a new basin. More than that, we went on to install it in Just 1 Day! They are very happy with the outcome and are very much looking forward to their first time using it!

Mr & Mrs Young’s Liberty Deluxe bathroom

This wonderful bathroom was installed for our customers in Connahs Quay. The shower over the bath was tricky to access securely. They made the decision to introduce the Liberty Deluxe to make life easier! The old bath made way for the Liberty Shower making accessibility so much simpler. The toilet and sink were also changed to freshen up the whole bathroom. To finish the room off, stylish grey tiles and safety flooring were installed. These finish it all off very nicely indeed. Initial feedback has been extremely positive-in fact ‘very happy customers’!


Mr & Mrs Goulds’ Liberty Essence Shower Adaption

This is the ever popular Essence model from our Liberty Shower Range which was installed this week for Mr & Mrs Gould. The bath was removed and the Essence shower slotted itself in exactly the same space that the bath left behind. They can now shower confidently without any further struggle climbing into the old bath! No flooring, tiling or changes to the rest of the bathroom were necessary.


Liberty Deluxe Adaption, Penyffordd

This brilliant transformation was completed for some lovely customers in Penyffordd. Neither of them actually used the bath to bathe. However, both, were struggling with using the shower over the bath. Our Liberty Supreme was chosen by them as the safer, more accessible alternative that they needed. Along with the change in shower, we installed a sparkly raised toilet and a spacious vanity unit offering ample storage space. We finished it off with a new safety flooring too. The wall tiles have remained exactly the same as they’re in great condition! They’re as pleased with the final result as we are!



Mr & Mrs Jones, Pwllheli

This pink bath had served its time. The side panel was cracked and impossible to match and replace. More than the aesthetics however was the fact our customers found it more and more difficult to use safely. So this is the point where they contacted us to find out what options they have. The outcome of our Free Home Survey meant that we were able to offer a Liberty Deluxe which, with a little personalisation to allow for their sloped ceiling, has fitted in rather nicely! Along with a new white sink to match, all this has updated their bathroom enough for them now to use practically and safety without major upheaval commonly associated with bathroom renovations! Flooring and tiling has all remained as before. Great job!

Mr McG’s Liberty Essence Shower Adapation, Flintshire

We love the tiling in this bathroom…and we didn’t even do it! This space is already stylish and modern with its grey colour scheme but the bath was just proving too difficult for our customer to use confidently. So the Liberty Essence has now taken over enabling much safer and independent showering with ease. Because the bathroom needed no other changes, this was completed in Just 1 Day!

Mr & Mrs W, Liberty Supreme Adaption, Mold

This perfectly placed alcove was calling out for the Liberty Supreme from the Freedom Shower Range to complete the space! We literally have taken out the old bath and replaced it in exactly the same location with the Supreme. Pipework and plumbing has been amended accordingly but everything else has remained as it was already, including the walls and floor. This was started & finished in Just 1 Day making it very straightforward & FAST! As a result, the bathroom was back in action very quickly so our work here is done!