Liberty Deluxe, Mr & Mrs A, Buckley

Out with the old and in with the new!
We were asked to look at this family bathroom. The family wanted to update it from top to bottom. All of the sanitary ware has been changed for new. A better & bigger boxed in end shelf has been fully tiled which now provides valuable storage. The Deluxe model from the Liberty shower range was chosen with its L-shaped boarding. This covers old tiles and freshens the wall up. The rest of the walls have been re-tiled to half height & the floor has had a complementary shade of grey anti-slip flooring installed. This finishes it all off nicely. Great job!

Mr & Mrs Davies’ Liberty Supreme, Tal Y Bont


This is the wonderful and stylish Liberty Supreme now taking pride of place within the Davies’ bathroom! We have taken the old bath & shower out and replaced it with the Supreme which fits in brilliantly well! In addition, we have installed a new sink and toilet bringing a new, fresh feel into the bathroom. We think it’s looking pretty smart!

Mrs Jones’ Liberty Original Shower Adaption, Buckley


This former, smaller shower space was no longer suitable for Mrs Jones. The step in and out  was too much. We removed the old shower and prepared the space for the Liberty Original. As a result we have now filled the full side of the bathroom which provides valuable extra space and secure seating for her to shower safety and independently! The shower boarding has been able to stay as there is was no need to change it! The family will be re-doing the lino at a later date as the current flooring was cut around to fit the former shower. Everyone is happy with the final result! We are too!

Mr Dean’s Liberty Essence Bathroom Transformation

Now this one really is a completely wonderful transformation! This install was all about making the bathroom safe and secure for now and the future but with a really modern feel to it too & bringing it right up to date. The bath made way for the fantastic & ever popular Liberty Essence shower. It stands out so well against a stylish grey tiled backdrop and floor. The sleek sanitary ware looks extremely smart and finishes off the bathroom really well. More importantly, the customer’s are very happy with the final result!



Mrs Jones’ Liberty Original, Rhyl


This is the wonderful Liberty Original now in pride of place in Mrs Jones’ bathroom! The former bath was no longer suitable which is often the case. She wanted something easy to access and straightforward as she wasn’t keen on turning the entire bathroom upside down! So the Liberty Original was her solution. Installed in just one day, this has transformed her bathroom and she can’t wait to try it for the first time!

Liberty Deluxe Shower, Mr & Mrs Harrison, Mold.

The coloured bathroom suite here had served its time. Time for a change! All of it came out & in its place we brought in the Liberty Deluxe shower along with a new sink and a raised height toilet. All are very easy to use, functional yet modern and freshen the room up a lot! A new, anti-slip safety flooring was added to finish it all off. We think it looks great! The customer’s are happy too which is all that matters!


Mr W, Wrexham, Liberty Original

This lovely bathroom was a perfect backdrop for our Liberty Original. Unfortunately the bath was no longer suitable. Our customer needed something easy to access, use and maintain to be safe while showering. The Liberty Original has simply taken the same place as the bath but now provides that safe and easy access without disturbing anything else. The tiles, sanitaryware and flooring are all in great condition so able to continue on for a long while yet!

Mrs Ashton Walk-in bath, Newtown, Powys

Our installation work has resumed with some brilliant achievements this week. Our customers in Newtown had decided that the standard bath was no longer easy to access. They preferred a bath to soak in but with the option of a shower too. Our Walk-in bath gives them the option for both with great accessibility and ease. The old bath has simply been replaced in the same space. No changes to tiles, flooring or bathroom layout whatsoever!

All of this was completed in just 1 day which meant minimal mess & fuss!