Mrs L’s new Liberty Essence Shower Solution, Penyffordd

Once again, another brilliant example of what can be achieved in Just One Day!!!
The old bath was taken out and the new Liberty Essence Shower was installed! The tiles & flooring were left untouched. Even the previous grab rails have been incorporated into the new shower solution! It was as straightforward as that with the minimal amount of fuss required! Brilliant!

Mr & Mrs G’s Liberty Deluxe in Flint

Another fantastic Liberty Deluxe for Mr & Mrs G in Flint achieved very quickly! We set about making great changes with very little fuss required. The bath made way for the Liberty Deluxe shower while the sink and toilet have been replaced by modern, sleek units. The tiles and flooring have not needed any alterations as they’re perfectly fine for a good while to come! The customers are happy with the final result and looking forward to their first shower!


Mr & Mrs C, Flint, Liberty Deluxe


Another great ‘before & after’! The old bath, curtained sink & toilet have been completely transformed. Now our customers have a fabulous Liberty Deluxe shower along with a stylish new sink & pedestal and raised height toilet. Not even the sloping ceiling could get in the way to stop us. We’ve cut our L-shaped shower board around it to fit it in neatly then finished the ceiling off with white ceiling panels. A final touch was the anti-slip safety flooring in a complementary shade. Brilliant job!

Liberty Deluxe 1 Day Installation, Mrs H in Mold


Here is a typical example of a brilliant 1 DAY install! The bath was no longer serviceable for our clients so it was time to go! In its place, we installed the Liberty Deluxe complete with the L-shaped shower board and end glass screen. The sink has also been changed for one slightly narrower. We have used exactly the same footprint as the bath provided. This means minimal work overall as the remaining areas of the bathroom have been able to stay completely untouched. So #notiling, #nomess & #nofuss! This was done in #just1day. The customer told me she was up at the crack of dawn waiting to use it and absolutely loves it!

Mrs R’s Liberty Supreme, Denbigh


This is a wonderful achievement installing a Liberty Supreme in place of this shower tray. A secure seat was top of the list for our customer  in Denbigh enabling her to shower independently and safely. We also introduced an anti-slip safety flooring for the whole bathroom. The existing toilet, vanity unit & tiles have remained as they were. A great job completed extremely quickly!!

Mr & Mrs Clements, Liberty Deluxe bathroom transformation


Now this installation has been in the planning for a long while & we have been eager to see the final result! We were tasked by our clients, Mr & Mrs Clements in Bagillt, to create their perfect bathroom. They wanted something to suit them right now and also down the line so futureproofing was definitely important in their planning. Having taken everything out, we had to put something great back in! The Liberty Deluxe along with sparkly gloss fitted units, gorgeous grey wall tiles & dark grey floor tiles took care of that! But the stunning part has to be the twinkly plinth lights which add a real atmosphere to the entire bathroom. We have feedback from the clients themselves and it was fantastically positive! They’re over the moon and we are too! We love it!