Mr Knight’s Liberty Essence Bathroom Adaption, Ellesmere


The ever popular Liberty Essence Shower Solution now stands proudly in this bathroom in Ellesmere. Our customer could no longer feasibly contend with the standard bath going forward. He decided the Liberty Shower range would tick all the boxes he needed to think about. Now, he can sit safely and securely to shower. The seat is easily accessible through the extra wide opening screen doors. Everything is within easy reach & best of all, it disturbed nothing else.  It was also installed in Just 1 Day!!

Mr Fidler’s Liberty Essence Bathroom Adaption, Wrexham


The Liberty Essence is a perfect solution for Mr Fidler’s bathroom! It fits in exactly the same place & didn’t force any other changes to be undertaken such as tiling or flooring. The costs therefore remained minimal yet still delivered maximum impact. Our customer can now shower freely & independently from now on!

Mr Roberts Liberty Supreme Bathroom Adaption, Ruthin


This perfect alcove area in Mr Roberts’ bathroom is an ideal spot for this stunning new Liberty Supreme Shower Solution! The shower now provides easy access in & out, making showering safer once more for our customer. All completed in Just 1 Day and whilst adhering to strict Covid-19 regulations at all times.

Mr Griffiths’ Liberty Essence, Wrexham

Mr Griffiths has a great bathroom although the bath was becoming just a little harder to access safely & easily. He contacted us to ask about the Liberty Showers. The great news was he could have his pick of any of them to fit in exactly the same space AND have it all completed in Just 1 Day! So he chose the popular & stylish Liberty Essence and these pictures show the final result!
The tiling is completely untouched along with the other components in the bathroom. It fits in perfectly & does the job brilliantly!

Mr McLean’s Liberty Essence & Raised Toilet Adaption, Rhyl

To finish off the week, we completed the installation of a Liberty Essence & raised toilet for Mr McLean in Rhyl.
Another great example of how easily a Liberty Shower can replace your existing bath to enable easy showering. The tiling and room layout have all remained exactly the same which helped turn this around very quickly.
All in all, a brilliant change for our customer and we’re sure he agrees!

Mr Oldfield Lloyd’s Liberty Original, Flint

Mr Oldfield Lloyd requested an upgrade in his bathroom. We set about taking out his old bath & shower and introducing the Liberty Original. It fits in exactly the space across the window where the bath once stood but now it is all so much easier! The shower gives him greater access, with a sturdy seat so he can feel secure at all times. He can use the end of the shower to access all his shower essentials so they’re always at hand. And the best bit…….it was achieved in Just 1 Day!!

Mr Roberts’ Liberty Essence, Pwllheli

The start of the week took us to Pwllheli. We were tasked with the removal of the old bath and shower & transforming the space using the Liberty Essence shower. A very straightforward swap which now ensures the ease with which the customer can now get in & out of the shower. No tiling, no mess & no fuss as the rest of the bathroom was able to stay exactly as before! Great job!

Mr & Mrs Hewitt’s Paradise Walk-in Bath Adaption, Anglesey

The lovely Hewitt’s recently contacted us. They had heard about us through a family member, who had also recently had their bathroom done by us. They were considering their options to futureproof their bathroom. They happily decided on the Paradise Walk-in Bath as their preferred choice. We therefore stepped in to install it in Just One Day! As the photos show, nothing else was changed or disturbed in any way which ensured the change was completed quickly and easily. It was a great choice for them!