Mr & Mrs Jones’ Paradise Walk-in Bath Installation, Anglesey

Mr & Mrs Jones in Bodedern had previously swapped their old bath for a shower cubicle due to the bath being a struggle. However, Mrs Jones really did miss being able to soak and relax. They then found our advert in the Daily Post and contacted us regarding the Walk-in Baths available. Now they have a happy compromise of the lovely Paradise Walk-in bath with the convenience of a shower above which is suitable for both of them while being fully accessible. While we were at it, we also swapped their standard toilet for a raised height one! Great job!

Mr Williams’ Liberty Essence, Wrexham

Another brilliant example of how easily a Liberty Shower can change things so much in your bathroom! In this case, the bath and its additional grab rails weren’t enough to keep this as the customers’ long term option. They made some enquiries with us and now they have their perfect solution! The bath was taken out, the Liberty Shower was installed. Nothing else was touched, moved or disturbed…and all in Just One Day!

Miss Murphy’s Liberty Deluxe Bathroom Adaption, Knighton, Powys

This transformation took us down to Powys. Our customer wanted something much easier to access than the old bath could offer. We removed it and replaced it easily with our Liberty shower in exactly the same area of the bathroom. This minimised the amount of work required, leaving the tiles as they were and the overall bathroom layout untouched. Installed in Just One Day and making such a difference!

Liberty Deluxe Adaption, Mrs Jones, Denbigh

We installed the versatile Liberty Deluxe for our customers in Denbigh to replace their bath and small shower cubicle. The Liberty Deluxe now takes pride of place along with the new raised toilet & relocated vanity unit. We laid an anti-slip safety flooring which brought the bathroom together nicely. Great job!




Mr Stone’s Liberty Deluxe Shower, Chester

Mr Stone had visited us in our Showroom to view our Liberty Range. He seriously needed to consider changing the bath into a shower facility. He tried out the Liberty Showers for himself in our Showroom and immediately felt very capable & safe getting in & out of it. His final choice was the Liberty Deluxe and we fitted it this week in JUST 1 DAY!
Brilliant outcome!

Mrs Daly’s Liberty Original Bathroom Adaption

Mrs Daly came in to see us at our Mold Showroom to check out which of our Liberty Showers might work well for her. She settled on the Liberty Original which would fit in nicely. Along with it, she chose to update the toilet and sink to a nice, contemporary style. Overall, this was achieved extremely quickly and safely, leaving our customer very happy to shower independently once more!

Mrs Evans’ Liberty Deluxe Shower, Holywell

Mrs Evans saw our advert in the Daily Post and phoned us to organise a free home visit. She decided on the Liberty Deluxe Shower and as everything else was in excellent condition, nothing else needed changing. This meant the bath was removed and replaced with the Liberty Shower in Just 1 Day! She is delighted with the outcome!

Mr & Mrs Tudor’s Liberty Deluxe Adaption

Mr & Mrs Tudor were finding the shower over the bath was getting trickier to access. Neither of them actually ever used the bath. They found our advert in Inside Flintshire magazine & contacted us to see whether a Liberty Shower might work for them. Our Free Home Visit confirmed they could go ahead and pick the Liberty Shower of their choice. The Liberty Deluxe was chosen from the range & was installed this week inĀ  JUST 1 DAY! Nothing else needed to move or be replaced and so costs and work time were kept down to the absolute minimum. Great job!