Mrs Close’s Liberty Deluxe Bathroom Adaption, Newton Le Willows

Mrs Close’s access into & out of her bath for a shower was increasingly impossible. She decided she had to make a positive change. The Liberty Deluxe was the perfect choice for her and fits in so well. Her struggle in & out no longer exists! She can shower safely and independently as much as she wants to now! No other changes were required or necessary and so this was completed in Just 1 Day!

Mr Bell’s Liberty Deluxe Installation, Mynydd Isa

Our customer’s existing shower cubicle was no longer suitable. The bath was also not really an accessible option. So she decided her best option was to remove the bath and replace it with the Liberty Supreme shower instead. Her old shower cubicle was also uninstalled as it was no longer required. The final result is a brilliant use of the space as the Supreme fits perfectly in the alcove! The extra wide opening doors provide full accessibility to the shower seat enabling her to use the shower safely and completely independently!

Mr Roberts Liberty Supreme Bathroom Adaption, Ruthin


This perfect alcove area in Mr Roberts’ bathroom is an ideal spot for this stunning new Liberty Supreme Shower Solution! The shower now provides easy access in & out, making showering safer once more for our customer. All completed in Just 1 Day and whilst adhering to strict Covid-19 regulations at all times.

Mr & Mrs Hughes’ Liberty Essence Shower, Shotton


This sparkly new Liberty Shower is now under the proud ownership of the Hughes’ in Shotton. They were looking at how they could improve their shower facility to make things easier. They found their best solution here at Freedom Showers! The Liberty Essence now looks fabulous and suits their needs perfectly. We love the difference it has made!

Liberty Marvel Care Shower, Mr Frances, Flint

We were asked to complete an adaption for our customers in Flint this week which would allow for assistance as and when needed. In addition, we also suggested adding a blue seat with a blue grab rail due to vision issues. This ensures they are drawn to the darker blue as their points of contact within the shower area. The Liberty Marvel is a brilliant & easily accessible care shower. Nothing else needed changing so it was a very minimal amount of change. Great job!

Mrs Daly’s Liberty Original Bathroom Adaption

Mrs Daly came in to see us at our Mold Showroom to check out which of our Liberty Showers might work well for her. She settled on the Liberty Original which would fit in nicely. Along with it, she chose to update the toilet and sink to a nice, contemporary style. Overall, this was achieved extremely quickly and safely, leaving our customer very happy to shower independently once more!

Mrs Evans’ Liberty Deluxe Shower, Holywell

Mrs Evans saw our advert in the Daily Post and phoned us to organise a free home visit. She decided on the Liberty Deluxe Shower and as everything else was in excellent condition, nothing else needed changing. This meant the bath was removed and replaced with the Liberty Shower in Just 1 Day! She is delighted with the outcome!

Mr & Mrs Hornby’s Liberty Deluxe Bathroom Adaption

This is a brilliant result for Mr & Mrs Hornby! They needed to address the bath becoming more of an obstacle and needed something else in place to give them both reassurance to shower safely. They popped along to see the options in the Showroom & decided the Liberty Deluxe would work nicely. We installed it last week in Just 1 Day! The final result is just what they needed and they’re very pleased 😀

Mrs C’s Liberty Deluxe Bathroom Adaption, Mold

Our client, Mrs C, had purchased her new property back in February & although the bathroom seemed recently updated and in good condition, the P-shaped bath and screen was not easy enough for her to use. She looked into her options as soon as she got hold of the keys and popped in to see us! Because everything else seemed so new they were fine to stay. This allowed her to concentrate purely on changing the bath. The Liberty Deluxe Shower was chosen and we went on to install it in Just 1 Day! It fits in perfectly & she is now looking forward to using it for the first time!